Difference between Web Hosting and Domain

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To own a website it is mandatory to have a domain name and a web host or web hosting service provider. But many of us get confused with the above two terms and use them interchangeably. We must have a clear understanding between the two before we have a website or want to have one in the future.

Web Hosting

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Simply put, Web hosting is a computer that allows people to store their websites. In other words, it is known as the server. You can relate better when you think of it as a house where you can keep all your things. Instead of storing your physical things, you will store computer files in the web host. The files could be HTML, images, documents, videos, etc.

The word “web Host” is generally used to refer companies that provide services by providing storage space for the website on rent and also give internet connectivity for users to access the files on the website. In most cases, the hosting company handles server maintenance such as having backups, root configuration, etc.

Domain Name

The address for your website is known as a domain name. Before setting up a website, you will need a domain name. You will get a domain name when you register with a domain registrar. This is what gives an identity to your website. Therefore we cannot find two same domain names belonging to different companies. You could use GoDaddy or Name Cheap to register your domain name.

For Domain Registration

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Administrative contact – domain owner’s contact

Technical Contact – to manage the name servers, configuration, and updates.

Billing contact- this contact will receive the invoice for the updates and renewal of the domain.

Name Servers – you will be provided with two name servers by the registrar by default.

Why new users get confused?

The reason why new users get confused with the domain name and web host is that the domain registration and web hosting services are provided by the web host itself.

The companies that were offering domain registrations back then are now offering web hosting services too. And the reverse is taking place with the web hosting service providers. Many companies are now giving a free first domain name for the new customer.

After you have acquired your domain name and web hosting successfully, you can now begin to set up the domain. This setup will point to your web hosting that will further enable the user to access files from your website.

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