How Sixth Sense Technology Works

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In this new world era of technology where engineering I reaching new milestones.  Sixth sense has been mostly found in the movies as advance technology. This technology is a smart digital environment that talks to us do our work and so on, sixth sense technology will be possible soon. You imagine it the things will be possible. Now in the movie sci-fi movie director will have to think because the technology is shown in their movies soon it will become common stuff. A few years back it was just an imagination, but in today’s generation and the developing of science will defiantly make it possible.

What  is the sixth sense

The sixth sense is a technology which makes it possible what you can’t do with digital information and let natural hand gesture to interact with that information. This concept is based on augmented reality. This technology like hand gesture recognition, images capture, processing, etc. it superimposes the digital world in the real world.

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How sixth sense technology works.

Sixth sense technology uses different technologies to recognize and image processing, etc. In the present time, the sixth sense technology has been prepared using common equipment using a pocket projector, mirror, mobile component, and a camera.

The projector visuals the images on the surface. The surface can be the wall, table or any big surface area in which the images are visible. The camera and the project connect to the mobile computing device in the capture of this movement. By the help of this sixth sense, we can make it possible for anything which we want to. It is like the touch screen mobile phones with the entire world as the screen.


  1. Finger as brush

The user can draw anything that they want with there finger. This draw can be 3D

  1. Capture photos with fingers.

By using your finger the user can capture photos, they can also act as a frame for capturing images

  1. Video Newspaper

This technology is identified from the movie harry potter the news can heading and then project the relevant video.

Sixth sense technology will goanna boost up in this world, it can easily control the pieces of machinery in the industry.

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