What Is Cloud Technology ?

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Cloud Storage is a new type of storage technology which using uses cloud computing, where data and information of an organization is stored in remote server and users are able to access data or information via the internet.  Most of the companies nowadays have integrated this technology because it provides greater accessibility and reliability, rapid data transfer rates, secured data transaction, and quick data recoveries. Companies like Apple Inc, Google Technology are the best examples of cloud technology in their business work model as it enabled them to provide their customers with better services when it comes to data and information exchange.


Types Of Cloud Storage

Public Cloud Storage

This kind of storage services is used when the data is not structured. The information can be access for user and it is considered as an open-source data which is stored globally. User pays a minimal amount to access to the data over the network i.e. internet.

Private Cloud Storage

Private Storage models were designed to protect data and information behind an organization firewall. It gives users more control over how the data and also it also helps organization t security in how they distribute their data and protect themselves from potential cyber-attacks or threats.

Personal Cloud Storage

Here the organization allows users to store their data and information in the cloud while charging a minimal amount. The data is stored in a company database can be accessed remotely. For example, Apple Inc’s iCloud or Google’s Google Drive.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

This kind of storage system is an integration of private and public cloud technologies. This system was widely picked up organization because they wanted unstructured data to be accessible by the public and at the same time want users to have access to private information and data. There are challenges that come with kind of technology in respect of technical, business and management, etc.

Future Of Cloud Technology?

There are many advantages of the cloud technology like quick data access and businesses can utilize the advantages with remote data backups while the setup costs are high and security reasons might be disadvantages. There is a future for this technology is expected to grow and many companies are integrating in their business model.

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