Why You Need AI Technology ?

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Artificial Intelligence or A.I journey begins around 1956 but over the years it was developed into an intelligent device thanks to advanced computing and algorithm.  It has reached a state comparable to human intelligence. It process of the system includes collecting of information, reasoning and acting on the self-correction.

These advanced systems can be identified into two categories weak and strong. Weak AI system is programmed for performing easier tasks, for example, Google Assistant which is a virtual personal assistant. Strong AI is designed to capable of having human cognitive abilities; it can perform individually without any human interference.

Where Can Artificial Intelligence Be Needed?

  • Health Care

Diagnosis Machine which uses machine learning were recently introduced to the health care system and it helped hospitals to run a  test on patients and get faster reports. Chatbots are another example of computer application which can be automated, helps in sending quick customized messages.

  • Business

CRM tool is one of the most in-demand business tools that every company uses it helps them perform smoother business process like communication with customer, store and access data and automating sales. Jobs can be replaced by robots in there as there talks of replacing jobs that involve repetitive actions.

  • Education

AI  technology can be automated to give students grading, assesses students data and educate them on topics related to a subject and help a student to learn things on their own pace. There is a possibility of teaching being replaced in favor of technology.

  • Finance

Finance Institutions have used AI in a more effective way. We can have our own personalized finance reports and these applications are even built to give suggestions related to sharing, investment, etc.

  • Manufacturing

Automation is widely used in manufacturing industries in the form of robots. It helps to have a smooth workflow and achieve a high-quality product.


Most of the major companies have utilized the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the work process. AI is an umbrella term for many processes like Automation, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing(NLP), Robotics, etc.   It is safe to say that in the coming future these technologies will help humans to make their work easier to increase productivity and will give humans time to focus on other creative and important things like global warming?

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